January 27, 2015
Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls by Wayne McNeill

Title Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls
Author Wayne McNeill
Release Date July 22, 2013
Description This "testament made of trees" is a sort of memoir told in short prose pieces or prose poems: the joys and terrors of childhood, the quirkiness of our teenage years, growing old; old friendships, old love affairs, old grudges; food and drink, music, the sweetness of conversation. It's also a portrait of a neighborhood-one of shops and restaurants and pubs and patios. Songbook for Haunted Boys and Girls is a song you put on and listen to over wine, a book of encouragement. It's a sturdy and unpretentious affirmation of life, expressed simply and exquisitely.
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About the Author

I was born, raised, and continue to live in Toronto, Ontario. My childhood and adolescence were spent in the eastend which was far more rural than suburban at the time, and those years left a mark.

My interest in writing began in high school but it wasn't so much because of the books I was being taught as the books I came across on my own, the most important being The Poetry of French Canada in Translation. My background is Anglo-Celtic and the culture of the province of Quebec was something I knew almost nothing about. It opened another world.

Before high school ended I met a publisher who was interested in my work, and the result over a few years was the release of three chapbooks of poems and one of short prose pieces.

I attended the leafy University of Toronto where I met friends I still have. When I left home I moved to the Greek neighbourhood known as the Danforth. Another world opened. I continued to write and my work appeared in many Canadian and American magazines and several anthologies.

Time spent in the UK, Ireland, and Spain left yet another mark, and I'm better for it. Without question my favourite novel is The Wanderer by Alain-Fournier, and the pagan essays by Llewelyn Powys have had a deep influence on my views. I've worked as a secondhand / antiquarian bookseller for most of my adult life, but sometimes sunlight or moonlight intrudes and I must run outside to feel it.
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