January 21, 2015
The Rabbit Culture by Tito Capaldo

Title The Rabbit Culture
Author Tito Capaldo
Release Date September 12, 2013
Description Direct and vivid in its telling of the details of the adoption of a 7-year old boy from Romania after the collapse of Communism, the novel manages ultimately to deliver much more.

Difficulties inevitably connected with the adoption bring the writer to explore the darkest places of human nature: schizophrenia, mental disorders, drugs and homosexuality.

Conceive with love and do not procreate beastly...Seven billion humans...with an increase of 80 million years...with only 25,000 lions left!

I think we're crazy...!

If birth control policies are not carried out in the short term our children and grandchildren will not have any space left and the struggle for food resources and energy sources will be terrible and without truce.

In the everlasting clash between Law and Faith, Rules and Revealed Truth, Relativism and Absolutism, the only Law we can hold on to is the Law of Nature, the natural order of things!

In the last chapter of the book, there is a sentence that is likely to become a cornerstone of this century: If we do not get over the "reveal truth myth" we will be unable to establish any "shared rule".
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About the Author

Antonio Capaldo was born at Campo di Giove (AQ) on 14th July 1948. Authentic mountaineer, he spent his adolescence in close contact with nature in a mainly agricultural and pastoral farming environment at the foot of the Majella massif.

After high school he passed the admission course and joined the Air Force Academy, then he obtained the license as military pilot at USAF Air Force School in the US.

He served as an Air Force Pilot on C-130 aircraft at Pisa Air Base for 19 years. He had the opportunity to travel around the world and carry out several humanitarian missions.

Then he was transferred to Latina Flight School where he worked as an instructor and flight examiner where he held the position of Group commander.

After a 2-year service for the Major Staf (Italian Air Force) he went on leave.

A man of few words, the Capt. Antonio Capaldo is currently a pilot of the Canadair Fire Fighting Aircraft for the Civil Defence, fighting battles against fires every year.
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